Handy Hints for Wedding Guests

So you’ve been invited to come and celebrate a wedding here at Brook Farm – yay! You’ve read through the invite and just want to check out some of the finer details…..? You are in the right place! We’ve tried to cover the basics so you know what to expect and can be prepared. We are sure you will enjoy some amazing celebrations on a very special day and hope the information below helps to make your visit go smoothly. 

Brook Farm Cuffley


Cars; Vehicles can be left overnight at the owners’ risk & can be collected between 9am & 2pm the following day.

Taxis; If you’re planning on getting a taxi at the end of the night you will need to pre-book it. Ubers do not come down to collect from the wedding site so you will need to pre-book a taxi with one of our friendly local taxi companies who will happily drive down to collect you.

Guests are politely asked to book their taxis for the end time and not later.  30 minutes after the end time, the power is off and the electronic gate leading to the main road will close.

Train; we have great links in to London and Hertford so please check the timetable to see when the last train is. The wedding site is located across arable fields and it is pitch black at night time so you will need to get a taxi from the wedding site to the station for your own safety.

Taxi Numbers

Friendly, local taxis who are happy to drive over the fields and collect you.

Pre-booking is essential.

A2B Taxis: 01992 633 355

Cuffley Hill Cars: 01707 874 437

Cuffley Taxi: 07876 176 721

Brook Farm Cuffley

What To Wear

In essence, you will be celebrating in the middle of nowhere. There are no buildings but the happy couple will have chosen a tipi/marquee/yurt for the main shindig. We will of course provide you with all of the basic infrastructure you will need including some very nice loos but we hope that you will spend a lot of time outside enjoying the serene setting so just make sure you dress for the weather. Some couples provide extras such as fans, flip flops, sun cream, blankets etc but just to be sure that you are comfortable, please wear / bring whatever you need to enjoy the great British weather on your visit.

For the ladies that like a heel, we have seen many strutted over the grass but flats can be a lot easier. The weddings at Brook Farm are often very relaxed so check the dress code with the bride and groom.

Brook Farm Cuffley


Who doesn’t love a bit of confetti at a wedding…? But we do have a special request…. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE only use real flower petals. 

You will be celebrating in the great outdoors and enjoying nature at its best. Help us to keep it beautiful and litter free.

We hope this helps you plan your visit to Brook Farm and we look forward to meeting you soon.