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At Brook Farm, we only offer one wedding per week so you have exclusive use of our beautiful grounds and have our full undivided attention.

Brook Farm Cuffley

2022 Availability (1 wedding left)
There is only 1 wedding available for 2022 which can be booked on any of the dates noted below. (We are capped at holding 15 weddings per year.)

April 2022
Friday 15th April or Saturday 16th April
Friday 22nd April or Saturday 23rd April or Sunday 24th April

May 2022
Friday 6th May or Saturday 7th May or Sunday 8th May
Friday 13th May or Saturday 14th May or Sunday 15th May

June 2022
Friday 17th June

August 2022
Friday 26th August (Bank Holiday Weekend)

Brook Farm Cuffley

2023 Availability (11 weddings left)

May 2023
Friday 5th May or Saturday 6th May or Sunday 7th May
Friday 12th May
Friday 19th May or Saturday 20th May or Sunday 21st May
Friday 26th May or Saturday 27th May or Sunday 28th May

June 2023
Friday 9th June
Friday 30th June

July 2023
Friday 7th July
Friday 14th July or Saturday 15th July or Sunday 16th July
* Friday 21st July or Saturday 22nd July or Sunday 23rd July ~ tentatively booked *

August 2023
No Availability

September 2023
* Friday 8th September or Saturday 9th September or Sunday 10th September ~ tentatively booked *
Friday 15th September or Saturday 16th September or Sunday 17th September
Friday 22nd September or Saturday 23rd September or Sunday 24th September
Friday 29th September or Saturday 30th September