Weddings at Brook Farm

Exclusive use of our stunning venue. Get that wow factor that we all secretly want on our big day, whilst enjoying the beauty of having your reception in the great outdoors.


“A very special place in our heart and the service you provided to make it all happen too! We only have positive things to say.”

Marie & Stephanie August 2013

“Everything went perfectly and we couldn’t have asked for a better venue. Everyone had a great time and were very complimentary.”

Katie & Chirag June 2014

The Thomas family has lived and worked on Brook Farm since 1941. We like to keep ourselves busy so as well as arable farming, we have an absolutely stunning wedding venue. Have a little look round our online world to find out more.

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Dan Struthers Photography

What No Water….?!

I’m always interested to know why couples who have enquired with us don’t follow through and make a booking. Apart from the fact that I’m curious, it just makes good business sense to know this so you can understand any shortcomings and try and do something about it. There seem… Read more

Riding the Rollercoaster

It’s funny how much we get to know about you in the lead up to your wedding. An initial impression is made when you first get in touch. Then we have the viewing where, while you’re checking out Brook Farm and me, I’m checking out you guys! Yep, that’s right!… Read more

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Are unique weddings a good thing?

I think it’s widely accepted now that you should have the freedom and flexibility to create your own unique wedding but is this always a good thing? I mean it sounds good to me. Your perfect wedding, just as you want it. But does it always turn out that way?… Read more

Brook Farm Cuffley

Rain on Your Wedding Day….

“Well it all sounds very nice and it is absolutely beautiful but what happens if it rains?” says the (delete as appropriate) Mum/Dad/soon to be in-laws. The killer question that crops up, usually at the end of a viewing, accompanied with a tight lipped nervous smile and a raise of… Read more

I Do

Let me introduce you to a couple that I think a lot of you are going to relate to. Carly and Craig are engaged and in the throngs of planning their big day. They love the idea of having the freedom to create their own special day just as they… Read more

Anna & Bhav at Brook Farm Cuffley

The tea was bad, the chat was good

‘We met in Afghanistan whilst on a tour of duty at HM the Queen’s behest. He was bomb disposal with the Royal Engineers, I was a translator and nurse. We became friends. We drank tea together at night sitting on a bench made from empty ammunition tins.  The tea was… Read more