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Waiting Staff & What You Need to Know

What every couple needs to know before their wedding, is that the people staffing your wedding are KEY to its success.

We’ve talked before about the importance of choosing your suppliers carefully but have you thought about the staff they are using? The suppliers on our preferred list (towards the back of the brochure) all have amazing teams of staff – they wouldn’t be on our preferred list if they didn’t. But what about when you choose a supplier that is not on our list? Maybe we don’t have a caterer that fits the specific type of food you want and you’ve started googling to find a caterer that can offer you what you want. One of the questions you need to ask them, is do they have a regular team of waiting staff or do they get agency staff in?

Unfortunately, we find agency staff are less attentive in their care and service and some are so lacklustre you’re amazed they even bothered to show up at all! Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and not everyone who does agency work is like that but typically this is what we experience. I suppose they just show up and it doesn’t matter to them how it goes. In contrast, a regular waiting team are working for the caterer week after week and they are managed by the same people and know they won’t get repeat work if they aren’t good enough. That is an incentive to work well and it keeps standards high.

So what do you do when you’ve found the caterer you want but know they use agency staff? Talk to us. We have connections and work with Event Managers like Ettienne Events who can provide a team of good quality staff to come and work for your caterer. You get the food you want but you also get a great service and believe me, that makes all the difference.


Photo – one of our amazing preferred suppliers; the team at Kingfisher Event Caterers