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I Do

Let me introduce you to a couple that I think a lot of you are going to relate to.

Carly and Craig are engaged and in the throngs of planning their big day. They love the idea of having the freedom to create their own special day just as they want it and are excited about all of the possibilities. Armed with a copy of the Rock My Wedding book, the ideas are buzzing.

They have their hearts set on a relaxed, outdoor wedding at the venue of their dreams in front of all of their friends and family. Their venue is not licensed for them to legally marry there but they are able to hold a blessing so that is what they have decided to do. They’re doing the legal bit a couple of days before with their very closest family but the big wedding celebrations will take place after their blessing. So now they just have to design their own ceremony but they are a little stumped as to how they go about it….

It turns out there are quite a few different angles they need to consider. They fancy a boho theme and want a couple of their mates who are a guitar/singer duo to sing Carly down the aisle and provide a bit of music later in the blessing too. They want their kids to be involved too but are hoping for a bit more than just flower girl duties. Then there’s Carly‘s Gran & Grandad and Craig’s Great Auntie Maud who are all religious and are a bit miffed that it isn’t going to be a church wedding. So how are they going to please everyone? Not quite as straight forward as they first thought.

Thankfully for Carly and Craig, they discovered a celebrant who was able to provide a ceremony that ticked everyone’s boxes. Their fairy godmother had arrived.

Following a recommendation from a friend, Carly & Craig contacted Janette Smith and instantly clicked. Janette is so personable it would be hard not to get on with her! They met up with Janette and chatted. She met their children, discovered how they met, all about the proposal, their hopes and aspirations for their wedding day and beyond. Then they listed out all of the differing views they had to consider or to put it as Carly and Craig did, they listed out all of the problems they envisaged.

Unfazed, Janette suggested idea after idea and talked through previous blessings she had performed to give Carly and Craig a whole new way of looking at things. There was a great deal of chatting and laughter as they chipped away at the ‘problems’ until they had a good idea of how it could all work. Janette then went away and designed a ceremony that was magical not just for Carly and Craig but for their kids; Ava and Madison and of course their guests too. It was quite literally all inclusive.

So for those of you who can relate to Carly and Craig, do not despair. There’s nearly always a way to create a ceremony that is exactly what you want but that can also acknowledge the needs of your nearest and dearest from the kids right up to the Great Auntie Maud’s. Don’t be afraid to reach out and find a celebrant like Janette with a wealth of experience so that you have the ceremony you truly desire.


Celebrant: Janette Smith

Photographer: Red on Blonde