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Because no one wants to fall out of a hammock

Yet again we are tackling some of the big issues for outdoor weddings and today it is all about how you get in a hammock. We’re not overly worried about spending time talking about the getting out bit as you all seem to nail that quite easily but the getting in bit? Yep, it’s really a work in progress.

So, hammocks aren’t always here but when a happy couple decide to string them up it can be a bit daunting. You clock the hammock, you imagine how nice it will be laying in it. Generally 99.9% of you will then think about it for some time trying to decide whether you should or should not go for it. At some point, one of you goes for it. It’s like an ice breaker. Once one has tried it then more of you gain confidence. There are varying levels of success and it is great fun.

Our top tips? We reckon the key to trying to sit in a hammock is to go central and you have got to be 100% committed. Plonk yourself right in there! How do we know this? We’ve tried of course! There’s always a bit of dead time just before you arrive so this is when we double check things like hammocks.

Next time you see a hammock we would recommend you give it a go. Inevitably there are hits and misses but once you’re in, there is no other feeling like it!

Photo Credit; Kelsie Low Photography