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What About the Weather?

With the temperature now dropping down below freezing, it gave us the idea to post about the good old British weather. We reckon this is THE biggest worry to our couples so as all girl guides know, it is best to be prepared and think about this prior to your big day.

Ok, lets start with the rain. Definitely one of our most frequently asked questions. We’ve talked about this before in the Rain on Your Wedding Day post. Essentially all you  have to do is make sure you have enough space in your marquee/tipi to ensure you can have your drinks reception/blessing inside. It just means that you don’t use every inch of space with tables/chairs etc, you have a bit more space so if you are all standing inside having drinks it is comfortable. Some couples hire some brollies to leave by the door and some put extra pathways down so you have an entrance in to the marquee/tipi and a path to the loos.  Lots of couples do the paths whatever the weather as it looks good. That’s it. Let’s not dwell on this. It might happen but it might not. Everyone is coming to enjoy your day and they will, so just make sure you have enough space for them and you’re sorted.

What about the alternative? You’ve lucked out and you’re forecast an absolute scorcher! It’s what you’ve been dreaming of for the past X months and now it looks like it is going to come true. This is great news, however, you’ve still got to do some prep….

First off, do you have enough shade? Speak to your marquee/tipi company and see if they can offer any additional cover/parasols for shade.

Remember we are a dry site so you need to have lots of drinking water available for your guests. Obviously you can have it on the tables throughout the meal but what about having bottled water out in steel baths/wheelbarrows that are filled with ice so your guests can help themselves to it whenever they want? Make sure it is available from the start, even if you’re having a blessing because if it is a scorcher believe me your guests are going to need it.   Hydration will be the key to you and your guests having a great day in this kind of heat!

Then of course, you have the other little bits you can offer; fans, suncream and we even had a couple who provided sunglasses!

We are a spring/summer venue so these are the only real weather concerns we have here. It is worth investing in a basket of blankets so whether you go out and buy some or you hire them from a company like Peacock Prop Hire the point is, that even on the warmest of days, the temperature can drop during the evening so blankets are a simple but effective solution. There is something quite fun about snuggling up with them in the evening and if you’ve opted for a tipi, the fire pits are a great add on. Everyone loves to have a natter around these.

Of course that is all the stuff you can do to be prepared but making sure your guests are prepared is the other key thing you can do. Make sure they are aware what type of venue you have. Put this in with all of the information you provide to them. Why not point them to our Wedding Guests page which we created with the sole purpose of making sure they’d be prepared and would therefore have the most fun.

So there we have it. We’ve had sooo many weddings here and yes, we’ve had the rain and the scorchers. You and your guests will have a great day so just be prepared and then relax and enjoy.

Photo Credit; Purple Pear Tree Photography