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Entertaining the little ones

One of our recent posts discussed whether to invite kids to your wedding but one thing is for sure, if you are inviting them, keeping kids entertained is the failsafe way to having happy kids. That is just the way it is and of course happy kids means happy parents who can relax and enjoy themselves. So just how do you keep them entertained at your wedding…? At Brook Farm you’re lucky enough to have space and plenty of it which is something that kids just love. The freedom to run around and go crazy is hugely appealing to them so you’re off to a good start but here are a few other ideas to throw into the mix.

A basket full of simple games is always well received. We’re talking; bubble wands, balls, hula hoops and space hoppers. If you have lots of kids attending you might want to think about something more substantial like a bouncy castle. Just be prepared to lay down some rules for this with a sign saying how many are allowed on at a time – if kids know the rules they are often compliant so it will make it easier for everyone.

Another option is to provide a bit of entertainment for the grown ups and kids together. Have a look at Dolly Dimples who are a Herts based company that provide traditional fairground games. They will set up your games on the big day and are then on hand to help catch balls, make things look pretty again, and explain how to play the games if needs be, enhancing the experience. Their games are unique as they have personally designed and lovingly handmade them. To finish off the look they surround the games where possible with bunting, scatter their signature heart sticks into the grass and they also come with their own carnival font wooden signs. Providing something like this through your drinks reception keeps the kids entertained but it is just as good for the adults and gets the conversations flowing between all of your guests as they have a play.

During the speeches when you are trying to keep them still and quiet, a little goody bag for each child is a great idea. It really depends on the children and their ages as to what you fill them with but the beauty of this kind of thing is you can create your own unique bag. To give you a few ideas of what to put in; colouring, paint your own biscuits (I promise they’re not messy – google it), puzzles, lego and if all else fails, do not panic as their parents have probably already got their phone charged ready to show them their favourite cartoon anyway!

Hopefully this has given you a few pointers for how you can try and keep the little ones amused but I think it is important to acknowledge that, when kids are involved, even the best made plans will not be executed to perfection. It’s good to make the plans but you’ve got to be able to just go with the flow as it doesn’t always go as planned. Flower girls and page boys may refuse to walk down the aisle, your children may decide that in the middle of your blessing they want a cuddle with you, they might try and escape during the photos (see above) and you might even get heckled in some form during the speeches. It doesn’t matter. There is no such thing as perfect and often these little hiccups can add some humour and normality to it all. One of the many wonderful things about kids is their brutal honesty in showing you exactly how they feel at any given moment so just embrace it. At least you tried to keep them happy.

Photo Credit; Purple Pear Tree Photography