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Don’t let the doubters faze you

So, for whatever reason, you’re getting married and you want to do it quickly. But just how quickly can it be arranged….

As far as I’m concerned the key thing here is how you FEEL about this prospect. If you want to do this then yes, absolutely – a gorgeous wedding can be organised in a mere matter of months. However, if the thought of organising your wedding in a short space of time sends your anxiety level rocketing, it’s probably best to park the idea right now.

It should be stated that you definitely need to feel confident about this because you are going to have so many people gasp when you tell them and question why on earth you are doing this. That’s their bag, not yours. Don’t let the doubters faze you.

First things first, if you’re able to get a Wedding Planner on board then do it. They will find out what your key ideas are for your big day then they will delve in to their little black book (or more likely a pretty little organiser) and hit you up with suppliers that are going to deliver what you want. They can plan the timeline for your day and give you advice on everything. Knowing that a professional has got your back is a pretty good feeling! If you’re going down this road, here’s a couple of great planners to try; Perfectly Planned 4 You and White Button Weddings

If your budget doesn’t stretch to this then pick a friend or family member (the pragmatic, non-panicking kind) to help.  It is nice to have one specific person to run through things with.

For all of you lovely Brook Farm couples, ask us. We’re happy to be your sounding board and will give advice and suggestions wherever we can. Our brochure is a must read when planning your wedding here and is packed full of of wonderful suppliers.* 

So we’ve sorted out who is going to support you but what do you actually have to do? Let’s run through a real life example from one of our past couples. Meet Rachel and Josh (the guys in the photo above). They booked at the very end of February and had their wedding here a few days in to June. That’s 3 months.

They fell in love with Brook Farm but when they found out that we organise all of the boring bits (generators, cabling, toilets etc) it really was the icing on the cake! It meant they only had 4 additional things to book and given the timeframe, that was a to do list they could manage.

  1. caterer
  2. bar
  3. florist / styling
  4. band / DJ / entertainment

And there we have it. Not quite as daunting as you first thought? Like a lot of things if you take time to pause and break it down you often find that there’s not much to it. Rachel and Josh breezed through their planning and I still clearly remember how cool that wedding was and can still feel the good vibes of that day. So if you’re up for it just crack on and remember, don’t let the doubters faze you!


*The reason they’re in the brochure? Because we’ve seen them in action and love what they do (no dodgy venue/supplier deals here!).