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Wedding Insurance

The coronavirus is dominating the headlines and it looks likely that it is going to have an impact on us all. I mean we’re already counting for 20 seconds while we wash our hands and are waiting to see how it develops and if any major decisions will be made by the government. The talk of social distancing which could include banning big events and closing schools, might make you wonder how your wedding fairs in all of this.

Unfortunately at this stage, nobody knows but one thing some industry experts have been warning of, is the importance of taking out wedding insurance. Well in just a mere matter of days it seems that this isn’t an option anymore. This post was originally written at the beginning of the week where we found multiple insurance companies offering cover, however, we’re now in a position where it appears that insurance companies have suspended customers from taking out new policies.

In an ideal world, yes, we’d recommend taking out insurance. Even if you’re not faced with an outbreak of a disease, things don’t always go to plan so having insurance in place is a good idea as far as we’re concerned. Unfortunately that option has been taken away for the time being.

IF (and it is an ‘if’) the coronavirus affects your wedding, you’ll probably be very surprised how much people will rally together to help in whatever way they can. There’s something about the British in adverse situations where if it feels a bit unjust, we want to do something about it. Certainly here at Brook Farm we will do whatever we can to help you. But for now, please try not to worry and keep washing your hands. #keepcalmandcarryon


Photo Credit; Kelsie Lowe Photography