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Riding the Rollercoaster

It’s funny how much we get to know about you in the lead up to your wedding. An initial impression is made when you first get in touch. Then we have the viewing where, while you’re checking out Brook Farm and me, I’m checking out you guys! Yep, that’s right! YOU GUYS!! Not in a ‘have they got 3 heads’ kind of a way (because that would be obvious) but I’m just trying to learn a little about what you’re like and most importantly what you want for YOUR BIG DAY ~ three very important words right there that we like to focus on.

So we’ve had the viewing then there is a usually a LOT of email correspondence, calls and sometimes numerous visits while you plan it all out. It all starts off pretty chilled but we do see fluctuations where a little stress or anxiety may come into play when you may be worrying about things. We do our best to help solve any niggles and try to give you the reassurance you need. We then get to ride the wave of excitement in the final week with it all climaxing on your wedding day.  It really is a spectacular ride!

Listening to the speeches at one of the weddings this year really made me reflect on all of this. I was actually checking the volume was ok at the back of the tipi but I got comfy and stayed put. As I stood there listening, I learned the juicy bits – you know the bits in the speeches that give you an insight into any struggles along the way, the successes, the hilarious things that have happened and of course all about your love.  It gives us the complete picture of you guys both individually and as a couple and it is pretty darn special.

As I stood there I was quite literally laughing out loud along with all of the guests. It made me realise how lucky we are to have this experience, so thank you. With this particular wedding the last thing I learnt was all about their hashtag #BURRITOTOBROWN and as their sign said, if you know, you know. If you don’t, ask the groom

Photo credit; www.kirstymackenziephotography.co.uk