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Why would you ditch the top table?

So it looks like some of you guys are shaking up tradition and ditching the top table. One of our recent polls showed that 70% of you would do this but what we want to know is why? Well, who better to ask then one of our lovely brides that did exactly this here at Brook Farm in September. Carly, it’s over to you.

Brook Farm; Ok, so why did you ditch the traditional top table?

Carly; Our main reason for doing this was because both of our parents have split (although thankfully civil) and we just didn’t want any family politics. We thought it easier to have our families sit together, which was made easier because we had long tables, and for us to sit with our best friends. Plus, we didn’t want to miss out!

Brook Farm; What were your family/friends reactions to it?

Carly; Our friends were thrilled with the idea! Families were fine with it but we did have the odd “how far away are we sitting then?” though!

Brook Farm; Did anyone tell you they thought it was a bad idea or that you shouldn’t do this?

Carly; Not that I remember, but we wouldn’t have listened anyway!

Brook Farm; Did your photographer have any thoughts on it?

Carly; Our photographer was amazing and so easy going. He didn’t have any concerns with us doing this – same goes for our videographer. Anyone who was doing a speech, moved to stand on the dance floor so everyone had a good view.

Brook Farm; Did you just have friends on your table?

Carly; We had a large bridal party, so our table was made up of bridesmaids, groomsmen and their partners.

Brook Farm; Did you enjoy it?

Carly; We really enjoyed it! Our meal wasn’t very long anyway as we had a bbq rather than the traditional 3 courses. Plus we got up and wandered round to our guests so still got to chat to most people.

Brook Farm; How do you think it changed your experience of your wedding day?

Carly; It felt very relaxed, almost like we were out for dinner with our friends, which is exactly how we wanted it to feel.

Well this is certainly something to think about and as with all emerging wedding trends it hangs largely on one thing – whether you actually want to do it! This approach obviously worked amazingly well for Carly and Adam ~ they’re right in the centre of the photo above and they are most definitely enjoying themselves! However, for others the traditional top table is where it’s at. It is great to see different ways of doing things and know there are options out there but it really doesn’t matter what you choose, just as long as it is right for you. #yourweddingyourway

Photo Credit; Michael Maurer Weddings