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Working in the Wedding Industry

It’s National Careers Week so I thought It was an ideal time to share a little insight about what it’s like to work here. I’m always surprised by the interest people show about working within the wedding industry. I guess it is appealing due to all of the happiness we associate with weddings but from a supplier point of view, it isn’t always like that…..

Before we go any further, I should just state that it is genuinely amazing to work in the wedding industry.  Getting to know a couple and helping them to have the day they have been dreaming of.  Meeting all of the guests and having a chat and a giggle with them throughout the day.  Working with the suppliers who you get to spend a lot of time with and, over the years, they become friends and a solid support network.

It is also immense, hard work.  There is so much preparation and work that goes into our venue prior to a wedding day.  So much administration with local authorities, the couple and their suppliers.  And on the day itself, you are looking at 20,000 steps easily with an early start and a late (sometimes very late) finish!  You have to deal with all manner of hiccups and problems that arise in the run up to the day as well as on the wedding day so you need to have a lot of patience and fantastic communication skills. You also need to be prepared to graft. It is not easy. People are a significant part of this industry and the emotion that weddings evoke can be challenging, so you will be tested!

Do the good times outweigh all of the hard work and hassle?  Absolutely.  And that is why it is an amazing business to be in.  If you are thinking about working in this industry then go for it.  Expect to work hard, trust your gut feelings but most importantly, enjoy the good times because that is what it is all about!

Photo Credit; Hannah Mia Photography