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The Guests That Don’t Make The Cut….

As yet, we don’t know what is going to be allowed in the coming months but boy have we got our fingers crossed! One thing that seems probable is that weddings will be allowed but capped at a certain number of guests.  We know that many of you are trying to get ahead of the game and are thinking about drafting up a smaller guest list, just in case that is what you have to implement. But what about the guests that do not make the cut? The guests that you want to invite but aren’t allowed to….?

First things first, people will understand. This is not a normal time. Yes, of course they want to be there celebrating with you but if COVID has other plans there is nothing that can be done about it. So, is there anything you can do, to try and make things a bit better?

Letting them know that you wanted them with you on your special day will go a long way.  Don’t just not invite them, keep quiet and feel uncomfortable about it.  Let’s be honest, they are probably expecting to hear from you regarding changes to your plans and have probably already thought about the possibility they won’t be able to attend. Give them a call or send them a card to explain the situation. With this in mind, it would be worth heading over to Instagram and giving Sundown Paper a follow. Not just because Sarah produces the most creative, colourful and fun stationery that we think will be right up your street, but also because we’ve had a little heads up that Sarah will be posting some example stationery for exactly this sort of message very soon.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to not invite them full stop. Some couples are inviting those guests to join them for the wedding speeches via Zoom. I know, it sounds a bit crazy but we’ve got inventive over the last year and this idea has definitely got legs.

If you’re able to, how about sending them a small bottle of bubbles with an invitation to pop it open as they zoom in to your wedding? Everyone can enjoy the speeches and toast you together. It feels inclusive and is an example of one of the many ways we’ve adapted over the last 12 months and shows that we will not let this pandemic spoil your plans.

Another way you can include the guests that aren’t physically with you on the day, is to send them all a piece of your wedding cake. Still order the huge cake you were going to have and after you’ve cut the cake on the day, arrange for it to be portioned up and boxed and sent off to all those that could not join you. For someone like Natasha at Nevie-Pie Cakes, this is a walk in the park.  A boutique cake company in Herts that specialise in painted cakes.  If you haven’t come across them yet, you should definitely check them out. They are incredibly talented and have supplied to Harrods, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason so I think you can rest assured that you are in good hands.  Normal business involves constantly sending out cake samples, so they are more than happy to offer a service to their customers, where they cut up their wedding cake and send it to all of the guests that weren’t able to join you on the day.  Your guests will be delighted to receive it and feel touched that you have been so considerate – it’s the little things like this that will make a huge difference to both you and your guests.

By acknowledging their absence and making the effort to show these guests that you care, it will alleviate a lot of your stress and will make them feel special. We’ve heard time and time again during this pandemic about the importance of connection and these gestures are exactly that. You can then relax and enjoy your wedding day as you truly deserve to.

Photo Credit; Michelle Cordner Photography