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Flashmob at Brook Farm Cuffley
Flashmob at Brook Farm Cuffley

May the Force be With You!

The force was certainly strong at Brook Farm at the weekend…..

Saturday saw Dylan and Emma kick off our wedding season and give us a lesson in STYLE.

The weather on Saturday was perfect; blue sky, warm sunshine and a slight breeze to help the confetti along its way.

Emma wanted her wedding outfit to be a little different from the norm but not too far removed from a traditional wedding gown. She opted for a silver, halter neck top that was embellished with crystals meaning she literally dazzled in the sunshine and a skirt that was so gorgeously full it could apparently stand up on its own!

Not to be outdone, Dylan and the groomsmen styled it out with grey tailored suits and the most immaculate white trainers I’ve ever seen.

They organised a blessing which was performed adjacent to the lake and Emma and her bridesmaids made their entrance amongst the pine trees which provide a natural but spectacular walkway. The feel for the day was very relaxed and guests were seated on hay bales to witness the blessing but perhaps the most important detail is that some special words were read by some special people.

The Bride is a Dance Teacher and simply oozes creativity which was oh so apparent when you saw the decorations. The tipi was adorned with some classic wedding decs that work so well. Think lace panels on the table, coloured pom poms suspended from the ceiling, simple jars with lace and beautiful flowers, ribbons, giant balloons and a sprinkling of star wars confetti…. Ok, the latter is not something I’ve seen before but one that paid homage to the couple’s first meeting and first connection and the star wars accent sprung up again a little later in the day….

The fine weather meant that guests were able to enjoy to a variety of lawn games and could choose from crochet to sack racing. Catering was provided by the lovely ladies from Main Ingredient who came along in their food van, dropped the hatch and provided some delicious food served with smiles nearly as big as the bride and groom’s!

Naturally Emma and Dylan were surrounded by their nearest and dearest and there really is nothing more important than celebrating your special day with all of your friends and family by your side. They help create the special moments and stories that you treasure in your happily ever after and it is this which makes the day so memorable.

Emma’s brother is a Sound Engineer so who better to get the party started? He took to his decks and started the evening’s entertainment but before too long Emma was introducing some special entertainment of her own… Some of her third year dance students took to the floor and before you knew it they were flipping, body popping and throwing some serious shapes all to the guests’ whoops of delight. What a great way to get the party started. Now what could top that? Surely that was the entertainment over with…

Well before the students could catch their breath and with quite literally 21 seconds to go… the music stopped and the guests were introduced to a famous film score from a galaxy far far away…

Dylan and Emma then took to the dance floor wearing Jedi robes – the couple’s transformation was uncanny. The only give away was the sparkling dress and suit trousers that became visible after every turn. Suddenly the music changed, the jedi robes were off and the dance off began! It was the guys vs the girls in a flash mob spectacular. I’m sure even Darth Vader himself would have been whooping and cheering along with the rest of the crowd. It was fabulous! I don’t think you could have asked for anything more from Dylan and Emma’s close friends and family who have given them one of the best wedding presents of all – a treasured memory.

The evening continued with great success, there was a beautiful sunset and the whole day was captured by the very talented Marie Wooton Photography.

So our first wedding of 2015 and our first ever blog close on a tremendous high. We wish the new Mr & Mrs Williams all the very best and hope that they enjoy reminiscing about every single part of their special day.